Series 7R Facts

Series 7R Pro-Line Tools

Ever since the success of the Series 7 Pro-Line tools, launched in 2017, Linemen and the companies they work for throughout North America have asked Huskie Tools to make our tools available on other convenient and commercially available battery platforms. So, we went to work and engineered our tools to work with third party batteries. In 2019 we introduced The Series 7M Pro-line tools, powered by the Makita 18V LXT battery, providing Utilities and Linemen crews the power to choose from 74 Huskie cutting and compression tools, and the ability to standardize all their power tools on the Makita battery platform. In 2021 we introduced a further 61 cutting and compression tools powered by the Milwaukee M18 Red Lithium battery. This Series 7R Pro-line provides Linemen another battery platform option when choosing the best tool for them.

Huskie Tools powered by the Milwaukee battery

Since 1976 Huskie Tools has been committed to providing Linemen with the safest, most dependable and best performing tools in the industry. Huskie Tools was the first manufacturer to introduce battery operated cutting and compression tools to the Utility Industry in 1989. We have a well-established track record, offering tools powered by Huskie, Panasonic, Makita and now Milwaukee batteries.

We are proud to provide Linemen the power to choose and combine the best cutting and compression tools in the industry with the battery platform they prefer. This includes batteries supplied by Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation. Although Huskie Tools is independent from, and not affiliated with Milwaukee, when we provide Milwaukee batteries and chargers for use with our tools, we only supply genuine, commercially available Milwaukee products.

Every tool in the Series 7R Pro-line is also available on the Huskie, Panasonic and Makita battery platforms, and are linemen-proven to be safe, reliable, and extremely tough. Huskie tools have built-in technology, including overload and over discharge protection, to ensure that both the tool and the battery perform safely and reliably. Our product performance testing has shown that the Huskie Tools’ Series 7R Pro-line tools that utilize a Milwaukee battery achieve the same high levels of safety, reliability, and durability as the other battery-powered hydraulic tools we have been manufacturing for the past three decades.


As with all our Pro-Line tools, Huskie Tools has complete confidence in the performance of the Series 7R tools and provides a 5-year warranty. We are so confident that our tools will cause no harm to Milwaukee battery packs that Huskie Tools is providing 3-year warranty coverage on the Milwaukee batteries and chargers sold with our tools.


If you have further questions regarding our new product line we are here to assist.

Series 7R Pro-line Tool Availability

61 Series 7R Pro-line tools are available now!

Huskie Tools

Over the past 45 years, Huskie Tools has established a reputation for building hydraulic cutting and compression tools that are as tough and dependable as the linemen who use them.

We have hundreds of thousands of tools being used by hundreds of companies who range from widely recognizable Fortune-500 Utilities, to small, independent Utility Contractors.

Huskie Tools introduced the industry-first line of battery-powered hydraulic tools in 1989, offering Linemen significant improvements in safety and ergonomics, ease-of-use and performance on the job. As a Lineman centric Company, over the years we have developed numerous specific tools to make a tough job just that little bit easier, offering the widest line of cutting and compression tools in the industry. Knowing that when it’s on the line, Linemen count on Huskie Tools.

In 2017 we developed the Series 7 pro line of tools, incorporating 40 years of experience and innovation, to create the best performing and most dependable range of tools ever available. Powered by the 18V Panasonic battery platform, Series 7 offered Linemen more power, more speed, and more ease-of-use features than ever before, with improved ergonomics and Huskie’s legendary performance and dependability. By widespread demand, in 2019 we expanded the options and offered the Series 7 tools on the Makita 18V LXT battery, and in 2021 we now offer these best-in-class tools that work with the Milwaukee M18 Red Lithium battery.

Huskie Tools stands by our belief that linemen and the companies they work for should have the power to choose the tools that best work for them.


Huskie builds first compression tool

With patented bypass cartridge for field calibration


Huskie Develops Battery-Powered Hydraulic Tool

Industry first 6 Ton pistol-grip compression tool


Huskie introduces 12 ton battery powered tool

Industry first lunchbox style compression tool


Huskie introduces new inline tool design

Compact lightweight 6 Ton compression tool


Huskie launches 15 ton battery-powered tool

Industry first transmission & substation compression tool


Huskie acquires Tiiger Inc.

Utility equipment created by linemen, for linemen


Huskie launches Series 7M cutting & compression tools

Full line utilizing Makita LXT® battery platform


Huskie develops remote control cutter

Industry’s safest tools for cutting underground cables